Dear colleague,

We are writing to invite you to join the Asia Graphics Association. In the following, you will first be informed of the background of the foundation of the AG Association, and then the simple procedure to join as a member.


The foundation of Asia Graphics Association is a response to the strong demand of the Asian community of computer graphics and interactive technology for having a coordinated platform to better serve the interests of our fast growing community and meet the needs of professional events in the Asia. The official name of the association is Asian Association for Computer Graphics and Interactive Technology, and will be shortened as the AG Association below.

After two consultation meetings at Pacific Graphics 2015 in Beijing on Oct 6th and SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 in Kobe on Nov 4th, respectively, the Working Group for Founding AG Association has been formed and met on Nov. 21 in Beijing. The Working Group discussed and drafted the constitution about the major aspects of the AG association, including membership, election, structure, activities, and operation. The constitution can be viewed at the web page of AG Association, which will be under progressive improvement in the coming months.

Web page of AG:

We appeal to your support by joining the AG Association as members. The following information is for your ease of reference.

  1. AG membership is open to all people interested in computer graphics, interactive technology, and related fields;
  2. Members enjoy discounts in registration fees for the conferences organized or sponsored by the AG Association in future;
  3. The membership fee is waived in 2016, the first year of the AG Association. The annual fee in future will be determined by the Executive Committee of the AG Association, which is to be elected by the members.
  4. All members have the same voting right, including electing executives and being elected to be executives;
  5. There is no separate category of student membership. Student members have the same voting right as the other members;
  6. The numbers of executives from different regions or countries are roughly proportional to the number of members from the regions or countries;
  7. All the members will be invited to nominate and elect the executives of AG Association in an online election which will held by February 2016.

Please see the details in the constitution of the AG Association at


Please follow the easy steps below to complete your membership registration:

  1. Follow the following link to go to the application page. This link is also available on the AG web page (
  2. Fill in the required information specified on the page:
    1. Name and Gender
    2. Occupation: student, teacher, engineer, designer, etc
    3. Email address and other (optional) contact information
    4. Affiliation

Since the election of the Executives Committee will take place in by February 2016, you are strongly advised to complete membership registration by the end of late January 2016.

Thank you for your support and participation.

Best regards,

Wenping Wang
University of Hong Kong

on behalf of the Working Group for Founding AG Association